How to save and fix a health or to get rid of illnesses, not coming running to operations, procedures, injections, not applying the masses of chemical preparations frequently more harmful, than indisposition?


Millenniums humanity aims to expose these secrets and to find such methods of making healthy and treatment. But such wonders able to create only the vehicle of informatively-power therapy of "Svyatogor" is epic hero.

History of his creation is the sources of development of world medicine. Treatment by light was used yet by the doctors of ancient Egypt and Greece. Influence on the points of acupuncture or biologically active points, founded and developed in China more than 2 thousand years ago. East medicine this now and acupuncture, and point massage, and tsygun therapy, and other methods and methodics, during many centuries of getting confirmation by the positive results of treatment of patients.

And only on a border 19-20 centuries at sufficient development of biophysical science and hardwares of realization of ancient art of treatment began to create an apparatus for making healthy, prophylaxis and treatment of many illnesses of human organism.

Vehicle of informatively-power therapy "Svyatogor" unlike an existent physical therapy apparatus, at the influence does not cause heating of tissues, that allows to use him in treatment of man at presence of many contra-indications for an ordinary phisio apparatus. The low power fields are used relatively, that talks about unthermal or informative character of influence on an organism.
    As a necessary informative signal informative maintenance of normal physiological work of CNS (central nervous system) man, providing perception, treatment, transmission, storage and reproducing of information with the purpose of organization of the optimum functioning of organs and systems of organism on the whole, is used. This signal of influence is given from a vehicle to the bioactive points (areas) of man as the extremely lowing electromagnetic fields IR (infra-red), UV (ultraviolet) light range with certain bioteffective frequencies, and laws of their change (by modulation) cellular and subcellular structures taking into account physiology, changing and regulating speed and character of biochemical reactions in the cells of organism.

     An organism forms the difficult iterative return reaction, which results in normalization of immune and neuroendocrine processes renewal of circulation of blood and haemopoesis, normalization of psychoemotional status and exchanges processes, increase of protective properties of organism to influencing of negative factors of environment, that adjustment of homoeostasis of organism is.
    The same way a light stream, perceived by photosensitive structures, and voice stream perceived by an ear, is transformed in the biological type of energy which has arousal influence on the centers of spinal cord and brain. The vegetative nervous system and ductless glands, accountable for metabolism, hemodynamics, trophism et al vitally important processes in an organism, is exposed to bioelectric informative influence also.
    Electromagnetic fields of IR, UV, audio (voice) and Photos (light) ranges are formed on the basis of information about the physiological normal functioning of all organs and systems of organism, and also at the different pathological changes of their informative constituent.

     Taking into account all of it, application of VIPT (vehicle of informatively-power therapy) "Svyatogor" gives a noticeable health and medical effect at illnesses of organs of circulation of blood, nervous system, organs of digestion, urology and gynaecological pathology, illnesses of the locomotor system, skin, organs of breathing and lor, - organs, at preparation to operative interferences with the purpose of correction of homoeostasis and after them, and also for symptomatic treatment of hyposthenic problems patients with a pain syndrome, in rehabilitation treatment.

VIPT "Svyatogor" is useful and to those who cares of the health, good feel and mood, who is engaged in the prophylaxis of diseases and common making healthy of organism and etc.

Most important is effective, safe and salutary influence on an organism is compatible and considerably step-up efficiency of traditional and untraditional methods of treatment, phyto-therapy and homoeopathic treatment and etc is all this accessible to each.

Vehicle informatively power therapy of "Svyatogor" is:

it is cutting edge of medicine of the III-ãî millennium;

-         safely;

-         it is minimum of contra-indications;

-         painlessly;

-         - pleasantly;

-         it is one vehicle on all cases of life and for life for all family;

-         you buy 7 vehicles in one;

-         analogues are not present, in one vehicle:

-         1) informative therapy;

-         2) colortherapy;

-         3) lighttherapy;

-         4) east reflexotherapy;

-         5) quantum therapy;

-         6) chronotherapy;

-         7) audiotherapy.

 You pay for a health not for medicine.

 Enjoy a health!

Do not you want to be ill? Your health is our anxiety!

 With kind regards, Main doctor SME "Svyatogor", Deserved doctor of Ukraine, of Pustovoyt M.A.

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